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Diane Revels Flashnick (1952 – 2017)

Brett’s mom, Diane, was passionate about putting her green thumb to use while spending time growing plants for herself and others. She loved spending her weekends and afternoons in the greenhouse at the family farm.  Built in the early 90s, the greenhouse housed beautiful flowers and plants that Diane cared for like they were her children.  She also cultivated organic herbs, selling them to the community and sharing them with neighbors, friends, and families. 

Having grown up helping her grandparents tend the fields and manage the livestock, Diane was no stranger to life on The FARM.  Brett learned much of what he puts into practice here today from his mom.  While things evolve and there certainly is a benefit to textbook learning, it can’t replace the hands-on approach.  She instilled in him a deep sense of appreciation for nature, but also a lesson in trusting your gut.  The cornerstone of today’s production processes at The FARM was born out of Diane’s teachings and guidance.  She believed that if you grew things the way nature intended, abundant yields would follow.  The FARM’s goal is to ensure that you not only love the way your food tastes, but that you know it was grown responsibly and transparently. 

The FARM continues to carry on and live out Diane’s teachings with sensible farming practices.  This special place wouldn’t be what it is without her influence.  While Diane may no longer physically be by our side, she lives on through our mission of connecting the community with unique land, their food, and each other.

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