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The FARM has been in the Monts Family for eight generations. It was part of an original land grant decreed to George Monts in 1787 and totaled 630 acres.

The granting of land was an important practice in establishing South Carolina. Like early versions of homesteads, land grants insured the cultivation of the land since acreage was determined by the number of family members.

George Monts’ original 630 acres has been divided among families over the years.  Today, The FARM sits on just over 34 acres and remains the only intact piece of the original land grant.  It was inherited in 2017 by George’s 5th great-grandson Brett Flashnick.

Brett and his wife, McKenzie, felt an innate sense of obligation to continue the tradition and protect the original purpose of the land.  And, so, The FARM was born.  The property remains a family farm focused on growing local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, raising heritage breed livestock, and connecting the community.


As Brett and McKenzie embarked on this endeavor, they found themselves conflicted by the many food production claims. Everything from certified organic, sustainable, regenerative, bio-dynamic to non-GMO left them scratching their heads.  Pondering what was better, they decided to focus on growing food the way nature intended rather than what certification dictated. Like you, they appreciate knowing where their food comes from.  The FARM’s goal is to ensure that you not only love the way your food tastes, but that you know it was grown responsibly and transparently, and that you’re able to take the time to share in an appreciation for where it came from.

And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a caretaker.” So God made a farmer.

Paul Harvey