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Are there days that you are flat-out grouchy and find yourself thinking, “there’s not much to be thankful for?”  We have those days, too.  It can be difficult to see the positives when the world around us is moving so fast and we’re surrounded by never-ending demands for our time and attention. In those times, it’s near impossible to believe that there is always something to be grateful for.  It’s not until we slow down that we can recognize the good things that are all around us. We have to give ourselves permission to take a break.

We decided to run fast and hard this year as we work to open the Monts Family Farm to the community by springtime 2021.  There have been plenty of days where Brett and I have both wanted to throw in the towel. When we get completely overwhelmed, we have to literally stop dead in our tracks and take a cleansing breath.  The kind where you hold your breath before you just LET. IT. ALL. OUT.  The kind of a deep breath where you think you might pass out because you are holding it in for so long.  The kind that reaches deep down into your belly and raises your entire upper body.

That is how all of 2020 has felt.  Without a doubt, we are preaching to the choir. At many points this year, each one of us has felt completely and utterly exhausted.  And somehow, we think that if we just keep going, keep pushing, things will get better.  Either because we’ll be able to tick items off of our list or because 2021 is certain to bring a better year. Right?

Unfortunately, no matter how many tasks we accomplish or the dawn of a new year, our anxiety will remain unless we stop running ourselves ragged.  The more we push, the harder we seem to break.  And we ALL break.

And, so this is your permission to go take that break.  Not that you need our permission. But, if you’re anything like us, you certainly seek that validation that you’re not in this alone and that it’s okay to put your feet up.  Step away from the craziness.  Shut the computer screen.  Turn off the ding on your smartphone.  Put the kids in front of a show.  Pour a glass of wine. Take a walk.  Whatever it is that gives you the clarity to just BREATHE.

That’s one of the things that we like so much about the Thanksgiving holiday. It certainly is a hectic time. But, for us, it’s always been a time of reflection.  A day where we can sit around without requirements and chores and tasks.  A day that we can enjoy local food and each other.  And it’s one of the days that really remind us why we’re building an amazing community gathering space at The FARM.  Where, someday soon, together we can breathe, and enjoy the special things around us.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Remember to really slow down and enjoy this time.

Taking a deep breath with you, The Flashnicks

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