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Brett Flashnick, The FARM’s owner and resident gentleman farmer, inherited the family property in 2017.  As any of you who have lost loved ones know, it was a tough season filled with varying emotions and searching for a way forward.  Brett’s Grandmother, Nell Byrd, and Mother, Diane Flashnick, passed away within six weeks of each other.  Not only were these losses emotionally and physically draining, the responsibility to decide how to move forward with the property weighed heavily on Brett.

The family property had always been a place where the eldest family member lived.  Brett’s grandparents had shared with him that the land was meant to provide for the family and, it had for over seven generations at the time he was told these stories. Brett and his wife were the first generation to inherit the property in their 30s.  In generations past, the person inheriting the property was of retirement age and able to qualify for homestead exemptions, which reduced the tax liability of the property.  With a property of this size, the tax liability is pretty substantial. And for a young couple, the financial burden of those property taxes brought them to a fork in the road.  They could sell the property or they could farm it.

If you’re here reading this today, it’s pretty obvious which road they traveled.  Brett and McKenzie felt an innate sense of obligation to continue the Monts family tradition and protect the land.  And, so in an effort to carry on the legacy of those that came before them, they decided to turn the page and begin a new chapter for this historic property.  Some days, they wonder why they didn’t take the easier route. But, spend some time at The FARM and we think you’ll agree they made the right decision. It’s a pretty special spot.

We look forward to welcoming you to The FARM in 2021!



  • Carol Hunter says:

    Wonderful vegetables and beautiful eggs — we are enjoying the squash and green beans. Thanks for sharing the delicious produce.

  • Earl Hope says:

    My dad bought about 35 acres of land located on what is now Meadowbrook Lane from your great grandfather, Melton Monts in 1962. I was about 11 years old then. The house that my dad built was the first house built on Meadowbrook. My son lives there now. I have a lot of good memories of your grandad and Miss Chick. I’ll stop by your farm one day and meet you. Thanks.

  • John Buck says:

    I love your vegetables very healthy and good love them a lot they really pleased me last night! My wife loves you guys! Ill pay you very good money for very good vegetables!

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