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The FARM 1780 offers a Summer Camp in Lexington for ages 6 - 11
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Summer Camp Lexington

About FARMcamp: Summer 2024


At camp, it's all about the campers. Everything is structured to ensure a wonderful experience for them.


Kids were meant to be outside, to run, to get dirty & learn naturally. FARMcamp embraces the environment and kids leave excited every day!


The FARM is a built in classroom. We want kids to learn something new at summer camp everyday without boredom setting in. It's easy in a natural setting like The FARM!


Our camps are structured to be small enough for campers to build & nurture friendships with their fellow campers.


Session 1: June 3 to 6 (Ages 8 – 11) 

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Registration Closes May 20th


Session 2: June 24 to 27 (Ages 8 & 9)

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Registration Closes June 10th


Session 3: July 15 to 18 (Ages 6 & 7)

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Registration is Currently Full.  You can join our wait list or consider another session.



Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 5 PM

After Camp Hours 5PM – 6PM (kids will help with late afternoon farming chores during this time including egg collection, livestock feeding, equipment maintenance & clean-up.  Additional snacks to be provided during this time.). You must pre-register for after camp. 

Camp includes 2 snacks & lunch (if your child has allergies or dietary restrictions, you will need to send their food)

Camp is rain or shine, but activities will be moved inside & under shelter as necessary.



  • You-Pick berries & more
  • Farm to Table (harvesting, food preparation & preservation)
  • Printing & Tye Dye from natural materials
  • Bird watching & identification
  • Fishing – knot tying, baiting, and casting
  • Plant identification, foraging, and natural history of the region
  • Livestock management and care
  • Arts & Crafts – vegetable stamping, egg shell mosaics, musical instruments from nature & more!
  • Homesteading Activities – bread making, preserving & pickling, herb gardens, composting & worm farms, microgreens & more!
  • Fun & games – scavenger hunts, hikes, farm games, capture the flag, slip & slide, games of tag & more!



Days will be a mix of education & fun. 

9:00 Arrive  / free play

9:15 Outdoor Fun (ex: Farm Games – Potato Sack Races, Egg Relay, etc.)

10:30 Morning Snack (ex: trail mix)

11:00 Craft (ex: Tie Dye from natural materials)

12:15 Lunch (ex: Cheeseburgers & Salad)

1:00 Movement (ex: Scavenger Hunt)

1:15 Educational Activity (ex: Perennial Plants & You-Pick)

2:30 Craft (ex: Egg Carton Boats)

3:45 Snack & heat break (ex: yogurt parfaits & short movie inside farmhouse)

4:15 Animal Activity (ex: feeding and managing goats)

4:45 Free Play

5:00 Pick-up

6:00 After-Camp Pick-up (additional fee – see below)



The camp will be supervised by our camp director and The FARM 1780 co-owner – McKenzie Flashnick.  Additionally, there will be a Camp Assistant who will act in an administrative position throughout the camp weeks.

Campers will be organized into groups of 15.  Each group will be lead by a Lead Counselor (this is someone with an educational and/or childcare background) and one junior counselor.  There will also be additional staff members/guest teachers based on the topics being covered.  

We’ve worked with retired and current teachers to craft activities and curricula that will engage children, while they learn through hands-on and engaging activities.


Owners, staff, and counselors are adult, child, and infant CPR and first-aid certified.  Additionally, a full first-aid kit meeting OSHA safety guidelines is kept on-site.  During registration, you will complete a full registration for your child including a medical and medicine dispensing questionnaire and form.



  1. Water Bottle (that can be refilled)
  2. Hat
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Bug Spray
  5. Close-Toed Shoes (suggested: waterproof)
  6. Change of Clothes
  7. Any necessary medication(s) and/or food preferences



$325 per week

The price includes all food (2 snacks and lunch each day) and all supplies for the activities.  Foods are a mix of kid-friendly items and farm fresh ingredients.

After-Camp: $45/wk. additional (allows pick-up between 5:00 & 6:00 PM). Includes an additional snack.

What Parents Say

My usually shy and reserved child came out of her shell this week at farm camp! I have never seen her so excited or engaged about a topic as intensely as Farm camp

ParentCamper Age 6 - 7

I love that food is included and they’re getting nourishment! Top notch staff and I loved that it had a curriculum component of learning, crafts and real life skills.

ParentCamper Age 8-9

It is the best place in the world! - per little camper

ParentCamper Age 6 -7

We loved that the meals were made from ingredients grown on the farm and that our child had to help prep. She’s independent but this was on a whole other level. I was shocked at how much she tried and enjoyed.

ParentCamper Age 8-9


What if my child misses the age cutoff? 

Here is what we tell parents – you know your kids better than us.  You are welcome to sign them up for an older or younger aged session if you feel they will be best suited in that camp session.  The activities are structured to match the age groups identified in each session, so we do ask that you ensure your child won’t feel lost or become bored by signing them up for a different age group.

Will my child be grouped with friends or relatives who are also signed up?

During the registration process, we will ask you to identify any other campers that you are requesting your child be grouped with.  We will do everything possible to ensure this.  However, groups are based on availability at the time of registration.

How many campers and counselors are in each session?

Each session will have a total of 30 campers. Campers will be organized into groups of 15 with (1) lead counselor and (1) junior counselor overseeing each group.  There will also be guest teachers / additional staff based on activities.  Camp also has a director and a camp assistant on-site at all times.

What if my child is a picky eater?

We have structured the meals to be a combination of kid-friendly items AND healthy, farm-fresh foods.  Campers will be harvesting, washing, and participating in the preparation of their snacks and lunches.  Check out the reviews from parents who said their children tried and LOVED new things at camp! Our goal is for campers to experience new things and get slightly out of their comfort zones.  You’d be surprised what kids will try when they’re all experiencing it together! But we promise your kids won’t go hungry! If they don’t like a specific item, we’ll give them more of another. You are also welcome to send your own food.

What if my child has a dietary restriction or allergy?

During registration, you will complete a health form with space to detail any dietary restrictions or allergies.  We work (within reason) to ensure kids with these restrictions can still enjoy farm food.  However, if your child has dietary restrictions (other than nut allergies) you are responsible for sending your own snacks and foods.  We will provide a full menu after registration closes and prior to camp so that you can make that decision.

What if my child has behavioral, physical or other limitations?

During registration, you will complete a form with space to detail any of these limitations.  We work to ensure all campers can participate in all activities.  Our staff is trained to work with a variety of personalities, learning types, etc.  If your child has limitations that you feel would impact their enjoyment, you are welcome to give us a call before registering.

What are your safety precautions? 

Everyone working on-site during summer camp has undergone a criminal background check.

Owners, staff, and counselors are adult, child, and infant CPR and first-aid certified.  Additionally, a full first-aid kit meeting OSHA safety guidelines is kept on-site.  During registration, you will complete a full registration for your child including a medical and medicine dispensing questionnaire and form.  The registration form also details all our safety and emergency precautions.  However, if you are left with questions please give us a call to discuss.

Do you accept foster children?

Yes, please give us a call to discuss.

My child attended summer camp last year.  Will the activities be the same?

Certain activities and curriculum (like harvesting, washing, packing, you-pick, animal encounters, etc.) will be similar to previous years.  However, we are adding new things to the curriculum and activities list.  We also made some changes based on parent and camper feedback.  We feel confident your camper will be just as excited and fulfilled by attending camp a second year in a row!

Still have questions? Give us a call at (803) 356-4978 or email us at!