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Farm Membership FAQs:

What items are available for purchase with my membership balance?

You can purchase any items available at The FARMstand or online, including events.  FARMstand items vary with the season but include farm-fresh eggs, seasonal produce, you-pick items, and merchandise.

How can I guarantee the items I want will be available?

Members can call and reserve items for purchase from The FARMstand.  As long as we have the inventory, we will set the items aside for you and they will be available for purchase during regular hours.

I am an egg share member.  How is this different?

You can still get eggs using a regular farm membership.  The cost per dozen is $6.00 with a reusable carton and $6.75 for a non-reusable carton.  If you want eggs regularly, then just call to reserve them.  You can also use this membership to purchase other items, including produce, events, and merchandise.

How many memberships are available?

We offer a limited number of memberships to ensure that all of our members have access to the items that they like and want.  Additionally, a small member list ensures that member-only events are more enjoyable and not overcrowded.

What if farm memberships are sold out?

Once our annual memberships sell out, we will announce the next membership period to current members and provide them with the first right of refusal for renewal.  Once the deadline passes for member renewal, we will open the new memberships up to the public.

How long is the membership?

Farm Memberships run for an entire year.  This year’s membership period is from March to February.

If I purchase a membership in the middle of the membership period, are my benefits still good for 12-months?

Farm Memberships run along The FARM 1780’s membership season.  This year’s membership period is March 2022 to February 2023.  Unless you renew for the next membership period, you won’t receive the benefits past the end of the membership period (2/28/23).  However, your balance does not expire.

What if I have a balance on my membership at the end of the membership period?

You can continue to use your balance until it reaches $0.  If you do not renew your membership for the subsequent year, you will not receive the member benefits, but you won’t lose your available balance.

What if I run out of money on my membership?

You can reload your membership card at any time with any amount ranging between $80 & $250.  Even with a $0 balance, you will still receive member benefits for the duration of the membership period.

What if I forget or lose my membership card?

Your membership card is virtual and you do not need a card to access your balance.  You will provide a phone number and that will act as your member number.  That number will be provided at checkout and used to redeem your balance and benefits.

What are the membership benefits?

There are several benefits of being a farm member.

  1. 10% off of purchases
  2. Farm Tours – we offer farm tours throughout the year and you are welcome to bring as many people as you would like
  3. Member Only Activities – we offer activities throughout the year that are reserved for members only.  This includes chicken interactions (including playing with our newly hatched baby chicks), fishing the pond, first & final harvest days, beer & wine tastings, etc.
  4. Access to events and items before they go on sale to the general public
  5. You’re part of the FARMILY!  We get to know our members personally and your membership helps us continue this 8th generation family farm.  We love getting to know you, becoming friends, and enjoying fellowship together!

How will I find out about the benefits?

We email member benefit opportunities as well as send limited text message reminders.  You do have the option to opt-out of receiving emails or texts from us, but you may miss out on benefits as a result.

How does the 10% discount work?

We apply your 10% discount at the start of the membership period.  For example, if you purchase an $80 membership your membership card will reflect an $80 balance at the start.  You will pay $72 at checkout.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Due to the nature of how the memberships work, all farm memberships are non-refundable.


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