Farm fresh eggs are unlike any that you will find in the grocery store. The unmistakable taste, texture, and quality are, in large part, due to their freshness. When you purchase eggs from The FARM, they have been laid by hens within that same 7-day period whereas the eggs you pick up at the supermarket are typically a month old by the time they arrive at the store.

The FARM’s 100+ heritage breed chickens are moved around the pastures in mobile “chicken-tractors” to ensure they always have a clean living area, plenty of access to fresh air, sunshine, and naturally foraged foods. In addition to forage, they are fed a high-quality feed consisting of grains, protein, fat, fiber, calcium, probiotics, and prebiotics.

You can purchase eggs by the dozen at The FARMstand during regular hours. We also offer egg share memberships in the spring and summer. Memberships are limited but are listed here (and announced through our email list & social media channels) when available.

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