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Green in the greenhouse

“Rather than change the earth to suit a crop, a reasonable agriculture would diversify crops to suit the earth.”

What if we mimic nature, as opposed to trying to change it?

Our food and the land it’s grown on have a symbiotic relationship.  It’s a complex and diverse relationship that we choose to celebrate.  We decided not to change the land, but rather to grow what the land is best suited to produce.

This doesn’t mean we don’t use soil amendments or fertilizers, or even chemicals in certain situations.  We choose to do what’s best for the land and believe the crop yields will follow.  This results in delicious, seasonal, local food for you and your family to enjoy.  The FARM offers a variety of fresh produce and fruit.

Sensible farming isn’t fast. Some of these crops will take awhile to start producing.  But the wait will be worth it!  Feel free to stop by and learn more about how your food is grown. We’re so glad to have you along on this journey!

Muscadines from The FARM
The FARM offers a variety of fall and winter greens
Rabbit Eye Blueberries
Produce Baskets Available at The FARM
Fresh Tomatoes from The FARM
Radishes from The FARM
Fresh, Local Okra
Blackberries from The FARM
Plums available at The FARM in Lexington, SC


Seasonal Produce

Fresh Seasonal Veggies

With three produce fields, The FARM offers a variety of seasonal produce including pumpkins, winter greens, lettuces, tomatoes, okra, squash, cucumbers, and much more!  We offer online ordering for delivery or pickup.

Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

Home to over 85 heritage breed chickens, The FARM offers farm fresh eggs by the dozen.  For more information on purchasing delicious free-range chicken eggs visit our online ordering page.



The thornless-blackberry patch produces large, sweet berries each year. When in season, you can purchase freshly picked berries online for pickup or delivery. We also offer Pick Your Own options during the summer months.



Producing both delicious fruit and a beautiful backdrop, muscadines are the fruit of the south. The FARM’s vineyards will showcase several varietals for both eating and winemaking.


Celeste Figs

The fig orchard is home to 14 celeste fig trees that produce the “sugar fig”, a delicious fruit that has a rich, buttery-smooth flavor and texture.  Perfect for eating fresh or making desserts or preserves.



Rabbiteye blueberries are native to the southeast.  The FARM will offer a variety of early, mid, and late-season producing blueberries for purchase online as well as You Pick options in the summer.

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