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Position: Poultry Specialist

Our poultry operations include:

  • Bantam breads (silkies, porcelain dukels & Cochins)
  • Heritage Breed laying heads & roosters (3 main yards)
  • Brooding & Hatching (spring & fall)
  • Heritage Breed meat chickens (rotation)
  • Heritage Breed meat turkeys (rotation)

Things to know:

  • We are looking for someone who can commit for ALL of 2024 (and hopefully beyond!).  
  • This role calls for someone who naturally loves animals and who isn’t shy/timid around them
  • You must be able to lift and carry up to 50-lbs at shoulder height (this is the weight of feed bags)
  • We are not a commercial poultry operation and we do things sustainably and naturally, including grazing boxes, fodder and other supplemental feed sources.  We are looking for someone who believes in this model.
  • While this person will work independently most days, you must be a strong communicator so others are in the know on critical care operations
  • This is an all-weather position.  The poultry must be cared for regardless of rain, wind, or heat.
  • You should be able & willing to follow a defined process and clearly document key elements of the operation 


This person must be available to work on the weekends.  We are looking for someone who is available a minimum of THREE days and up to FIVE.  You must be available at least ONE weekend shift day (Saturday or Sunday) and Fridays.  The other days are up to you.

The position includes twice-daily care for the poultry and hours are flexible.  As long as the expectations are met, and the tasks are completed the amount of hours that it takes you to complete it are based on how efficiently you choose to work. The pay is a flat fee per shift, not hourly.

  • AM shift needs to be completed within 2-hours of full light
  • PM shift needs to be completed at least 1-hour before sunset

Note that the time table flexes based on time of the year

Position: Property Maintenance & Grounds Keeper

Our needs include:

  • Keep the property at its best and ready to welcome the public at all times
  • Help prepare the property for public and private events (festivals, weddings, dinners etc.)
  • General property maintenance & improvements – general repairs, maintenance and improvement projects of farm house and farm structures like painting, power washing, sanding etc.
  • Weekly grounds maintenance (based on season) like cutting grass, edging, laying mulch/pine straw, weed control, non-agricultural landscaping etc.
  • Handy-man type tasks as needed

Things to know:

  • We are looking for someone who can commit for ALL of 2024 (and hopefully beyond!)
  • You should be familiar with & able to safely operate and use general tools and landscaping equipment
  • You must be able to lift and carry up to 50-lbs and physically able to keep up with the demands of the position
  • We are a small, family business and we’re looking for someone who believes in our mission of connecting the community through events and agriculture 
  • While this person will not interact regularly with the public, they must be friendly towards visitors
  • While this person will work independently, you must be able to assist on projects alongside a team as needed
  • A consistent schedule is key. You must be willing and able to work when you say you are.


This person must be available to work during the week to prepare the property for weekend events.  We are looking for someone who is available a minimum of 8 hrs per week and up to 16 during our busiest seasons (Memorial Day – Thanksgiving).  The schedule will flex based on scheduled events and you must be willing & able to be flexible.

The pay is $10 – $16 per hour based on experience

Position: Event Staff

Our event operations include:

  • U-Pick Flowers
  • U-Pick berries
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Christmas Events
  • On-site farmers and craft markets

Things to know:

  • You must naturally LOVE people & have a servant’s heart
  • We are a family-farm that serves primarily young families.  The ideal candidates truly ENJOY being around kids and find true joy in helping make memories with families who visit The FARM.
  • You should be up for responsibilities like taking out the trash, cleaning bathrooms, directing traffic, cleaning up messes, etc.
  • All roles require the ability to work well as part of a team, without being micromanaged.  Being a go-getter is important.
  • All events are outdoors


We are looking to build a “Rolodex” of people who can be available based on demand.  Event staff must be available on SATURDAYS.  The number of Saturdays you are willing to work is based on your schedule, but preference is given to candidates who can work multiple weeks throughout the season.

Expected Saturdays are:

May 18th – July 27th

August 31st – October 26th

November 30th  – December 21st

The pay is a flat fee per day, not hourly.

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