Farm Fresh Eggs (by the dozen)


You can purchase eggs at The FARMstand during regular business hours.  Eggs by the dozen cannot be purchased online.  It will show online as “out of stock”.  This doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have eggs for purchase on-site.  This simply means that you have to visit The FARM in-person to purchase eggs & can’t get them online.  Inventory is limited, so we would recommend calling before you come if that is the only product you are making a trip for.

Each dozen includes a mix of ungraded eggs (varying sizes) in a variety of colors including white, brown, blue, green, and even some surprise colors like chocolate, speckled, and pink!

Learn More about The FARM’s heritage-breed chickens and local, pasture-raised eggs.

Carton Options:  There are two types of carton options.

  1. Reusable Carton $6.00 per dozen – For this price, you will receive a carton that you will bring back and refill each time you purchase eggs.
  2. Non-Reusable Carton $6.75 per dozen – For this price, you will receive a new recyclable carton each time you purchase eggs. If you forget a carton and we have to provide you with a new one, you’re charged this price.
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