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Position: Manager TheFARM | full-time | salaried

The farm manager will work to lead The FARM 1780’s successful growth as the Lexington community’s premiere agritourism farm.  We seek a resourceful self-starter with plenty of hustle who thrives in a start-up environment, who loves a challenge, and who can make things happen.  This person must have a passion for The FARM’s vision and mission. This person must improve efficiencies, increase profits, lead & manage, and MUST be willing to roll up their sleeves and LITERALLY get their hands dirty. This is a salaried position with base pay ranging from $35-55k based on experience and performance + bonus. 

The farm manager will handle the day-to-day agricultural and livestock/poultry operations.  This person must be able to handle field work (including hard, repetitive physical labor – even in the oppressive southern heat). Must already know how (or be able to be quickly trained) to safely operate farm equipment. The farm manager will work with the operations manager who handles finances, marketing, retail, customer contact, hiring/HR, and events.


Some evening or special event hours may be required. The activities below are required with other duties assigned as necessary.


Agricultural Operations

  • Create and, as necessary, adjust policy manuals and record keeping practices for agricultural operations
  • Source, manage, and maintain necessary equipment and supplies
  • Assist in development and implementation of a rotating crop plan and planting schedule, creating manuals and calendars for future seasons
  • Seed and plant planning and material acquisition
  • Develop and maintain yield management records
  • Develop equipment maintenance schedules & help to complete maintenance as needed
  • Handle on-going soil testing and application of necessary soil amendments
  • Continually monitor irrigation systems and oversee fail-safes and maintenance through vendor should irrigation need repair
  • Develop and oversee inventory management processes
  • Develop and implement harvesting best practices, including safe handling practices
  • Ensure the overall delivery and quality of The FARM’s offerings to customers


Livestock/Poultry Operations

  • Maintain the welfare of livestock/poultry
  • Cleaning and maintenance of livestock/poultry areas
  • Rotation of livestock/poultry between fields and other areas of the property
  • Develop & execute necessary policies, procedures and schedules
  • Assist with the development of the livestock/poultry 5-year purchasing, breeding and/or sourcing plan


 Staffing & Management

  • Develop, lead and oversee all volunteer days
  • Work with operations manager to develop training protocols & oversee onboarding of farm hands and harvesting assistants
  • As need arises, work with operations manager to determine staffing structure for seasonal & part-time employees



  • Minimum 3 years of experience working on a 5-acre+ farm, organic, sustainable, or no-till practice knowledge preferred
  • Understanding and knowledge of vegetable production farming
  • Experience with small livestock/poultry (chickens, goats, etc.)
  • Interpersonal skills, passion for training and mentoring
  • Ability to handle change & an understanding that this is a start-up business
  • Ability to interpret soil test results and apply nutrient management plan
  • Ability to identify insects, pests, and plant damage, and signs of disease
  • Demonstrated reliability, dependability, and flexibility in work habits
  • Offers references to speak to these characteristics and experiences

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